ARISGATOR amphibious vehicle

ARISGATOR/VAL amphibious navigation kit born from ARIS applied researches aiming at endowing M113 AIFV with amphibious and navigation capabilities in open sea.
Light and reliable amphibious vehicle capable of performing several tasks at very low costs.
ARISGATOR can safely navigate in open sea, even in considerable rough conditions, keeping the same performances on ground as the original M113 vehicle. It is highly manoeuvrable in navigation, can spin around its vertical axis, shows a very low profile above water and can be easily launched, recovered and stored by LPD vessels.
It can operate in stand-alone missions or supporting other amphibious vehicles.
This vehicle is RINA (Institute of Italian Navy Register) certified and military homologated.
As per the original vehicle, a vast range of specific accessories both in armament and protection fields as well as all the inner equipment existing on the market, can be installed on ARIGATOR.
ARISGATOR is a solution offering high cost effectiveness ratio to the Armed Forces needing highly manoeuvrable amphibious landing vehicles, suited for specialized uses at low maintenance costs.
ARISGATOR is in service with the Italian Navy Landing Forces under the name of VAL (Light Amphibious Vehicle).download5