ARIS fits out shelters for special purposes.
The SHELTER-LAB NBC shelters are built to the ISO 20 ft and 668 1C standard and are prepared by ARIS as field laboratories for highly specialized NBC analysis, suited to be easily deployed and used in the field independently.
The module is divided into 4 different rooms:

  • technical room (accessible from the outside) with the equipment for the proper functioning of the
  • module and the subsistence of personnel operating inside.
  • dressing / undressing room complete with cabinets and chemical toilets
  • decontamination room with shower.

Laboratory room with analytical instrumentation and equipment needed to conduct the processes of contaminants identification.
The premises are properly pressurized through a system with differential pressure, where the laboratory has always a higher pressure (or less depending on the absolute value) compared to the other rooms and the external environment.
The SHELTER-LAB NBC are designed, manufactured and fitted out to safely operate in NBC contaminated areas, in compliance with international military standards and customer specifications.