ARISLIGHT backpack

ARISLIGHT is a low consumption led lighting system, powered at 12 VDC fitted on a backpack. It allows night operation with transportation of a large quantity of material without affecting operator comfort.
Main features:

  • 12 VDC – 22 A/h battery (battery weight 1.25 kg)
  • 2 adjustable LED spotlights 1800-2000 lumen (each 9-led 3W spotlights) IP67
  • switches for independent power of single spotlights
  • light beam projected up to 50 m
  • range with one spotlight: about 10 hours (range with two spotlights: about 5 hours)
  • plug for battery charge
  • led for battery charge status
  • aluminum painted frame (ø 25-20 mm tubes)
  • support depth: 25 cm
  • aluminum frame covered with water resistant fabric
  • padded and quilted back made of breathable mesh fabric
  • padded ergonomic shoulder traps with double density made of breathable high resistance fabric, with top adjustment
  • waist padded ergonomic belt made of breathable mesh fabric fitted with pocket and chest straps
  • dry weight: about 6 kg
  • recharge temperature range: 0 °C ÷ 45 °C
  • operative temperature range: – 20 °C ÷ 45 °C.download5