ARISLOG-LATV light vehicles atv

ARISLOG-LATV Lightweight All-Terrain Vehicles for logistical use, set up by customizing quads 2/3/4 or 6 seats.

The fitted out vehicles may be used as goods or personnel carrier, fire fighting / civil defense, winter road operations and are equipped with 4-stroke gasoline or diesel engine, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive AWD on demand, EPS power steering, independent suspension, disc brakes, auxiliary visual devices.

The firefighting version, so called ARISFIRE AIB-quad has got 3 seats and is equipped with a fire fighting module installed in the cargo box, made of aluminum supporting structure, compartment with rolling shutters, stainless steel water tank up to 350 liters with breakwater bulkheads, high pressure self-priming pump with electric / pull starter, 60 m hose reel, high pressure full jet or spray hose miter type with handle.