ARIS Company’s main activities are special vehicle design, manufacturing and maintenance, system upgrading and vehicle fitting out.
The company called F.lli Bellezza was founded in 1946 in San Maurizio Canavese (Turin) trading in the repair of cars and trucks. In 1956 it was named SIRA (Italian Society of Automotive Repair) extending its expertise to the Defence vehicle and equipment logistic support.

In 1969, the pivotal year for the company’s growth, the founder, Mr. Bellezza Quater Natale, expands and relocates SIRA to Lombardore (Turin) under its present name ARIS (Applicazioni Rielaborazioni Impianti Speciali).
The company is continuing its original business with more complex activities such as engineering and logistic support for weapon systems, design and manufacturing of special vehicles and equipment, tactical and logistic power systems.

Thanks to the experience, the ongoing process of professional staff growth and new product research and development investments, ARIS is now able to offer a wide and diverse range of products and highly specialized services such as Technical Assistance to Civil Protection, Fire Brigades and Defense meeting specific national and/or international Customer requirements