TORO is a Precise, TacticaI Mobile Power Generator designed, developed and manufactured by ARIS for Spada, Nike and Hawk  systems. Simultaneous dual-frequency output: 50 and 400 hertz. The alternator speciflcally designed for dual-frequency output (50 and 400 hertz), can provide up to 75 kW at 50 Hz and 45kW at 400 Hz.
Operation environment: -32 °C to + 54 °C, with maximum power up to 3000 m altitude. Automatic shut-on/ shut-off capability. Maximum power generation in Iess than ten seconds from start up. Modular automatic operation in parallel with other generator sets, providing continuously up to 225 kW in the standard configuration.
The electronic modular management and control unit with BlT capability checks the power output and monitors the voltage and frequency stability within the Iimits with every Ioad. In addition, the management and control unit monitors the main functional parameters with automatic shut- off capability in case of power generator malfunctions.
The electronic management allows the instant absorption of the Ioad changes without affecting the performances. It can be transported:

  • on monoaxle trailer with variable trim pneumatic suspensions
  • on off-road tactical truck, – on C27J and C130 cargo aircrafts.

In its logistic configuration it can supply up to 120 kW – 50 Hz, single frequency and up to 7 Power Generators can be paralleled to reach a total continuous power of 840 kW.download5