ARISFIRE-SAF is a special four wheel drive vehicle with module for fire-fighting brigades specialized in cave-dwelling, mountain and river rescue operations.
The module is secured to the chassis with elastic fasteners.
The chassis is equipped with a front plate, installed upon the winch, used for the suction mast, four hydraulic stabilizers and anchorage points for hook fastening.
The module has four side compartments for specific tools and equipment and one rear compartment provided with slides for stretchers.
An extensible ladder and equipment compartments are on the roof, accessible with a ladder.
The fitting-out is also fitted with a 6 kW generator with control panel for various uses.
The electrical system provides inside and outside lighting for the compartments, rotating blue stroboscopic headlights, front and rear led headlights, two-tone siren. An additional battery for auxiliary services is also installed.
The vehicle is equipped with a 6 m pneumatic light column with two 1000 W halogen lamps.