ARISFIRE-APS2100 is a tank pumper vehicle for fire fighting operations fitted out on a two axles chassis.
The cab offers 5 + 1 seats with related equipment (firefighting radio systems, rechargeable torches, portable radios, explosimeter and explosion-proof torch).
The fitting out is secured to the base vehicle chassis through a frame with elastic fasteners and is equipped with acoustic and visual devices (two-tone siren, rotating stroboscopic headlights).
The compact bearing structure (“reticular loading structure” ®) without parts projecting out of the vehicle clearance gauge, is provided with six side loading compartments, three on each side plus one rear compartment. Its peculiar structure allows quick maintenance operations (replacements and repairs) and flexibility in loading activities. Side and rear compartments are locked with light alloy rolling gates fitted with opening microswitch with warning light and buzzer in squad cab. Access footboards make the equipment collection easier.
Compartment interior features brackets and supports, extractable slide guides, or fixings suitable to optimize available spaces in order to guarantee handy use of loading equipment. Shelves are bolted onto guides and are adjustable in height. Compartment interior, loading equipment arrangement as well as positioning of the different equipment can be implemented in cooperation with the final Customer. Each compartment is lighted with external neon lamps (24V) placed on the perimeter.
The superstructure roof is fitted with tread floor, side foot-protection and equipment holding bars. The roof also houses accessories and fittings: light alloy boxes for miscellaneous materials, ladder with device extractable from ground, hooks, etc. The superstructure roof is fitted with one working light set rear the cab.
The fire extinguishing hydraulic system is made of:

  • stainless steel rectangular section tank, 2100 l
  • stainless steel tank-pump connecting pipe
  • two-stage centrifugal pump for combined use, water/foam, at mean and high pressure (mean
  • pressure delivery: 2000 l/1′ , at 10 bar total delivery head, high pressure delivery: 350 l/1′, at 40 bar total delivery head)
  • fire hoses, with electric/hydraulic or manual rewinding.