ARISFIRE-ROS vehicle equipped for control / coordination operations and assistance during emergencies in the airport environment. The vehicle is equipped with a front winch and audible and visual system.
The module is provided with a socket for an external power supply, two side compartments protected by aluminum shutters and one rear compartment.
These compartments are lit by led systems and contain:

  • 2 personal protection equipment with cylinders and full face mask
  • 2 spare cylinders
  • 2 fire extinguishers (dry and CO2)
  • medical kit
  • 2 rechargeable emergency lamps
  • various equipment (axes, hammer, lever hoists, wire cutters, bolt cutters, fire hose key, manhole cover key)
  • toolbox
  • area definition equipment (stakes, tape, chains, traffic cones)
  • 2-ARISLUX DevioLED to define low-light areas
  • folding stool
  • waterproof phone
  • megaphone
  • 2 telescopic headlights
  • silenced 2 kVA power generator


  • vision system with infrared camera.download5