ARISFIRE-BPRP: cabin for unloading / loading and treatment of fire powders used on airport vehicles supplied to the Fire Brigades.
The ARISFIRE-BPRP, Powder Regeneration Test Bench, consists of an ISO 20” container with corner fittings and is made of:

  • powder receiving device, which allows the removal of the powder to be treated from the tanks of the vehicle with an extensible “trunk”, equipped with replaceable quick couplings to meet the technical features of the vehicle monitor
  • containment and treatment cab, consisting of a 1C 20” container equipped with four feet stabilizers for height adjustment where the following activities are performed:
    • connection to the receiving devices of the shot powders
    • first crushing of the shot powders
    • containment of shot powders (minimum quantity 600 kg)
    • treatment and regeneration of the powder (crushing-screening-drying and weighing)
  • powder charging device on board the vehicle allowing the removal of the treated powder inside the cabin and the transfer of the same inside the vehicle tanks
  • instrument panel and controls allowing the operations of ARISFIRE-BPRP devices and the control of system operating parameters. A LCD touchscreen computer manages and monitors the operating cycles.

BPRP can be easily moved inside the airport area with the special CR-ISO 20 trailer.